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I am scared by the number.

WeI live surrounded by numbers every day. At times, the series of numbers sometimes refers to me as a proper noun. Numbers express efficiency, justice, health and unhealth. Numbers are an efficient, translingual means of expression. We live a life that is almost always united with numbers.

In this exhibition, I listed the numbers related to me. This is what I am today.


Mother's death day: On that day, I was making an outdoor installation work until it got dark. When the sun tilted and my body was completely cold, I went back home. I always don’t lock the door. Because it was difficult for my mother with deformed fingers to open the key from the inside. I opened the door and called out, "I'm home!". But it was too quiet. I hurriedly took off my shoes and jumped into the living room. Nobody is here. I searched around my mother from room to room. There was no her. At last, I found her in the bathroom.

I had felt it was the responsibility to send my parents as an only child. I sent my father with my mother eight years ago. And on that day, my last mission was over all too soon.

Lucky Number : I thought 13 was a lucky numberfor me. Loft's house number, rented in Brooklyn, New York, was number 13 on the 4th floor. So-called penthouse. It is a space on the top floor that separates the slipper factory, and there is a skylight in the workplace and bathroom / toilet. I lived on the 4th floor on the top floor of my apartment in Nara where I lived before I went to America. So somehow I thought 13 and 1 + 3 = 4 were both my lucky numbers.

I challenged for a master's exam at a university. The examinee number at that time was 13. I thought that this was something that I would pass. However, the result failed. Was 13 not my lucky number? Or was it better to fall? In the first place, is the lucky number my own belief? Probably so.

One year calendar
Shelter in the gallery

Number related to Misa Namekawa : Date of Birth, Year, Weight, Height, Income, Expenditure, Street Number, Phone Number, Member Number, Credit Card Number, My Number, Plate Number, Blood Test Value, Sales, Primary DNS, Street Number, ID・ Receipt bar code ・ PIN code ・ Registration number ・ Serial number ・ Usage number ・ Salary ・ Lucky number ・ Card number ・ The Great East Japan Earthquake ・ Mother's death date ・ Father's death date ・ Grandma's death date ・ World Trade Center terrorism ・ Passbook balance ・USB serial number, service code, shipping company inquiry number, PC service, exchange code, passport number, social security number, green card number, security number, cancer insurance policy number, basic pension number, automobile insurance number, postal code, LED Solar Lantern Sales Certificate Number / Fire Insurance Certificate Number, Kobe City Cemetery Number, Union Member Number, Customer Number, Car Body Number, Others

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