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 “MOMENT”, the theme uses a mixture of photographs, video, and red yarn. The wall of photographs are actually the sky from the country side of Denmark. The place includes some from Kobe but a few. The video shown against the wall is the imagery of fields, seas, landscapes with the ambient noise of winds and waves. I shot them also during my recent summer trip to Denmark in 2018. Sky is sky, but there is always differences between different countries, cities, and fields. A red yarn is symbolized fate: like relations between men and women in Japan. By cutting them one by one in my performance, I tried to share the moment with people. The yarns were tied and cut again in the last day, but they never come back the same shape. I think such a continuity and discontinuity is our life. This piece cannot have been without my experiences in Denmark.

Space SOU(Toyonaka、2018)

Performance video

The video in the installation

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